Why do you play poker?

 Is it for the fame?  The fun?  The money?  A different reason?  Whatever the case may be, the most important piece of the puzzle is your poker bankroll.  Without money on the line, winning in poker is not important.  With money on the line, winning is the only thing that matters.

Many people hear of the glitz, the glam, the high-roller lifestyle that multi-millionaire poker-playing kids are living.  They do not see the long hours of hard work, the constant grind, and the daily struggles that they go through.  One thing that most consistently winning poker players have learned, however, is the practice of proper bankroll management.

If you want to be a long term winning player, you cannot afford to continue losing your entire bankroll.  You may only have one shot, so use proper bankroll management tips to avoid busting.

Check back often for updates on how you can learn proper poker bankroll management.


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